Monat, because everyone needs awesome hair

I know this one hit you out of left field, what would a "bald by choice" retired Army guy know about hair care? Besides having a thriving amount of chest hair, like a grizzly bear, I am married to a woman that knows plenty....

Here are some key points behind the product:

- All natural, no harmful chemicals - you would find it amazing what harmful stuff is in some shampoo
- Clinically proven claims - backed by the FDA, that in itself is amazing
- Actually does what it says - We have gone from multiple shampoos and soaps to one in our house !
- Backed by multiple smart people - not just people, they have a scientific board that stands by what they represent. Dr. Tosti is a leading dermatologist and recognized as a leading expert in hair disorders (she is only one of the members)

You should give it a try.... Contact Janelle to get some samples and an abundance of information..

Become a Market Partner for Monat !!
Once you have tried it and fall in love with the product, you can become a market partner also..

I have to say I was skeptical at first, sell shampoo (fling poo as i like to jest), but i was shocked to see how fast Janelle has progressed at this "own pace from home" endeavor
Here are some things that amazes me with this company:

- Cost to become a market partner ($200 - $600) - Sounds steep, but compared to any other endeavor, it is a small investment. Janelle made her money back in the first week.
- Work from home at own pace - The amount of effort directly relates to how much you make.... Janelle has quit her job, doing this full time and has allowed me the opportunity to do the flag and shirt business full time..... All from an at home job... I had to see it to believe it.

- Support - Monat Market Partners are aligned with teams, you are a member of a team, not just in words, in a supportive structure to help you be successful.. Successes are shared and everyone is helpful.
- Potential earnings - Holy crap, you would have to see it to believe it.
- Incentives - there are always some drawing, trip, vacation, giveaways for market partners..... Absolutely unlike anything I have ever seen...

If you could use some extra $$$, work at your own pace, and maximize family time, Give Janelle a call (910-728-5935) or email her (, she will be glad to give you all the details.